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About Lumond

Lumond is a German fragrance and candle brand.

A scent can transport our thoughts to a different world within seconds. It can bring tears to our eyes or put a smile on our face. We always associate our most intense memories with unique and unforgettable scents. Our goal is to create unique fragrances for your home that create unforgettable memories.

We take pride in accompanying every step of the process, from design to meticulous packaging, until your order reaches you. We always adhere to high standards of sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Every single product is dear to the Lumond team’s heart. From high-quality organic wax to natural, toxin-free perfume and ideal cotton or wooden wicks.

Herstellung von Duftkerzen
Weihnachtliche Duftkerze

From day to night, from winter to summer, Lumond creates scents for every occasion and atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy wonderful moments even more intensely.
Whether you want to indulge yourself or gift others, Lumond is perfect for every occasion.

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